Tokyo Exhibition Contest

This contest has now ended.

The contest results will be announced during the last week of February.

About this Contest

Contest Participation Fee: 20 Euro per image entry

Contest Deadline: February 19, 2020

This prize includes: 

✓ 1 or 2 works exhibited at the show for free

✓ Representation of your works at the show

✓ Insurance when the works are at the venue, for the duration of the show

  Packing and Unpacking of Art

  Hanging and Installation

  Quality Exhibition Lighting

  Wall Tags (Title, Size, Medium, Price)

 Display table for Business cards, books and flyers

✓ Listing in the show catalog and in the promotional email campaign for the show.

✓ 200USD voucher for shipping expenses. If the total cost of shipping exceeds this amount, the remaining shipping cost is the artist's responsibility.


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