Winnie KS Hui

In Winnie’s landscape paintings, she paints what she saw during her mind-travelling, searching for a place of spiritual sustenance in the "mountains and waters" (Shan Shui), where she can explore and rest in this hectic world.

Resonance (Triptych) 2014.8 - Ink on rice paper Ea. 140 x 70 cm (Framed Ea. 200 x 72 cm) 7.800€

Winnie KS Hui is an ink artist born and educated in Hong Kong. Her work is influenced by the strong fusion of the Western and Chinese culture there. Having long been aware of the philosophical conventions of Chinese brush painting, Winnie explores a way to bring her personal relationship to the traditional culture into a contemporary context. She gained her Master's of Fine Art at RMIT University, Melbourne (2014).

Winnie was recently on the front cover of SPOTLIGHT Magazine

Moonlight 2018.7 - Ink & color on rice paper 63 x 64 cm 1200€
To the Infinity 2016.4 - Ink on rice paper 30 x 48 cm 800€
The Good Old Moon (Diptych) 2017.3 - Ink on rice paper Ea. 96 x 88 cm 3000€
Moonlight 2018.2 - Ink & color on rice paper, 87 x 81 cm 1500€

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