Wolfgang Gersch

“I have evolved a unique art style that I execute on canvas or wood panels, creating a mixed media technique with textural materials, acrylic gels, acrylic paints, metallic pigments, and glazes. These textures create a unique visual quality and enhance the luminescence of the acrylic paint.”

Translucent Violet - Digital Art 38 x 10 in $900

“In my artworks and concepts I explore the hidden inner dimensions of the world we live in. Concerned with the life forces and energies that move and create everything we can see, I paint my inner visions, which come to me in meditations or while communing with Nature or our Planet Earth and us Humans.”

Emergence Gold - Digital Art 38 x 10 in $900
Emergence Blue - Digital Art 38 x 10 in $900
Texture Blue Rays - Digital Art 38 x 10 in $900
Texture in Red - Digital Art 38 x 10 in $900

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