Wolfgang Müller

Endlichkeit, 2019 - Oil 80 x 100 cm

Wolfgang Müller's work begins with a certain idea, which then expands and concretizes in the course of a longer creative process, sometimes taking months. This results in high prices for the works, which is why Müller also offers his works as museum quality art prints. Müller places man in the center of a cosmos, where he paints inside and outside worlds in his own surreal context. His pictures solicit reactions as he considers this his responsibility as an artist.

Wolfgang Müller was born in Büchen in 1963, started painting in his early years. He worked for a long time independently as a carpenter.

Largely self-taught, Wolfgang Müller is an established painter within the international art world and has had a remarkable career.

His work perfectly represents a surrealism that fascinates and overwhelms the viewer, yet at the same time challenges and stimulates an in-depth analysis of every element within the work. His world is one of possibilities, of truths that could be one way or another, of concepts whose original meaning is modified according to the artist's feeling in order to adapt to his point of view. All of this does not impose itself on the viewer but encourages the perception of a relative, unusual or unique truth. 

Symbiose, 2011 - Oil 60 x 70 cm
Begenzte Suche, 2014 - Oil 60 x 80 cm
Metamorphose, 2016 - Oil 100 x 100 cm
Selektion, 2016 - Oil 100 x 120 cm

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