Yen Hui Chen

"With a love of traveling, movies, and music, these experiences become the nutrients and inspiration for my creations. My pieces attempt to join light, wonder, and healing power with colors and exquisite details to create pieces that heal the heart."

Light Up the Lantern of Hope, Oil on canvas, 72.5x60.5cm, $1,000

Born in 1984 in Taipei, Taiwan, and raised there, Yen Hui Chen is a contemporary artist who uses her artistic practice to brighten the world and heal people’s hearts. As an oil painter, she captures the essence of landscapes with her distinct style.

Unlike some artists, Chen did not major in a related field. She studied Business Administration at National Cheng Chi University, one of Taiwan's top universities, and received her bachelor's degree in 2006. Her background in marketing and human resources management has shaped her aesthetic sensibility and her ability to capture people's emotions.

Chen is a member of the Taiwan Oil Painting Creation Association, a group dedicated to promoting oil painting in Taiwan. She participates annually in the National Classic Joint Exhibition. Her work was recently showcased at Artexpo New York 2024 and Red Dot Miami 2023. As an emerging woman artist, she has been honored with the WAA Woman Artist Award 2024 and continues to hold solo exhibitions.

52-hertz in the Sea, Oil on canvas, 80x60.5cm, $1,200
Sparkling in the Venezia Sunlight, Oil on canvas, 45.5x38cm, $400
The Winter Village of Fairy Tales, Oil on canvas, 91x65cm, $1,500
Unbearable, Oil on canvas, 80x60.5cm, $1,200

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