Yvan Bédard

Yvan Bédard is a fine art landscape photographer using shining light in a vivid atmosphere or soft light in a minimalist scene. He also created an eccentric photo technique named “luminarization” that reverses positive zones into negatives zones based on luminosity in color landscapes.

The Horse - Printed by the Artist on Fine Art Canvas 24 x 36 in.

Canadian Artist, Yvan Bédard has spent much of his life in mountainous regions or near rivers and has traveled several wild regions of Quebec and the world. As a result, his love for nature has led him to specialize in Landscape photography. In 2014, his artistic passion dominated his scientific passion, and Bédard decided to devote himself professionally to photographing landscapes in Quebec, North America and Europe. A permanent artist in art galleries since 2014, his atypical career has not prevented him from having success with his art and participating in nearly forty solo and group exhibitions.

Professor Emeritus of Laval University, Yvan Bédard has been spreading his passion for a dozen years with photography courses, workshops and conferences. He regularly chairs or participates in photographic competition juries at the regional and provincial levels. He sells digital licenses for books, magazines, newspapers, websites, calendars, greeting cards, advertisements, smartphone apps, etc. His works are part of private collections in Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, the United States, etc. and are published in American, British, Canadian, French, United Arab Emirates and Japanese books and magazines. Yvan Bédard also volunteers for environmental and educational organizations. His fine art photographs are available in art Galleries in Quebec City and Montreal, Canada.

Recently, being inspired by the 1920’s artistic solarization technique of Man Ray for black and white portraits and nudes, Yvan Bédard created a photo processing technique named “luminarization”. Breaking with traditions, he attacks color and landscape photographs. The artistic challenge is to balance the positive and negative spaces of a photo, to bring out certain key lines and to harmonize the opposite colors that appear with this process. Like a painter defying the colors popping from his palette, Yvan Bédard creates photographic eccentricities that provoke the imagination.

Spring Serenity - Printed by the Artist on Fine Art Canvas 24 x 36 in.
Trace of Time - Printed by the Artist on Fine Art Canvas 24 x 36 in.
Isolated by the Snow Storm - Printed by the Artist on Fine Art Canvas 24 x 36 in.
Fire in the Sky in Natashquan - Printed by the Artist on Fine Art Canvas 24 x 36 in.

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  1. I enjoyed your NANPA presentation tonight on working with galleries. I love your images of trees, and of the icebergs.

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