Yvette Swan

"What inspires me is a sense of truth, freedom, and love. This is found in everything and everyone. When I open to another my heart expands and this joy and love ignites the creative energy. It is all connected and naturally unfolds. Creating from this space is what I love."

Still Free - Oil on linen 30 x 30 cm

“I love the creative energy that opens from within and being able to have a painting come from that space. It is the best feeling. A work of art is completed when it is hanging on the wall of its new owner. The artwork is then released to the world. People who have bought my art have connected to them from a feeling. It’s immediate.

My purpose for creating art is to pass through a sense of something bigger. A sense of who we are in our heart. We may have challenges in a lifetime but beyond that is the true essence of who we are. This we have in common with one another. We might feel or believe at times we are separate from each other but this is not true. Sometimes it takes an entire lifetime to realize this but that doesn’t matter. We have a purpose to be here and to be here together. I love when my art is received beyond what can be seen on the canvas or worked out in the mind. It just is. I love to allow the energy of who we are to come through the painting and touch the heart of people. It brings joy to my heart.”

Yvette Swan was born in Australia and lives between Sydney and Northern NSW. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at University of NSW, College of Fine Arts, and has had over 35 solo and group exhibitions in Australia, including the Wynne Landscape Prize at AGNSW, Metro Prize, Fleurieu Peninsula Biennale Prize, and the Art Series Leeuwin Estate Collection. Yvette is included in the book “Unfinished Journeys” by Ken McGregor. Her paintings belong to private and public collections. In December 2018 Yvette will exhibit paintings in the Spectrum-Red Dot Miami Art Fair and in April 2019 Artexpo New York. She will be the Featured Artist in the Home Design magazine, issue Jan/Feb 2019.

Yvette’s current paintings have come from a deeper awareness of who we are beyond the human condition. They reflect our true nature as pure awareness. The world, the personalities, emotions, thoughts, stories, the body, and mind, and all of the content are only passing energies. They come and they go. But what is always here which never comes and goes and is aware of all this passing content? It is our essential nature. It is the source of our being. We are the awareness that all this takes place in.

Yvette is enjoying her current style of oil paintings. Her works have evolved from vibrant and bold abstract paintings to then abstract landscapes to now paintings that reflect light, nature, and what can’t be seen.

Nothing Remains - Oil on canvas 92 x 122 cm
Night Fields - Oil on linen 30 x 30 cm
Creation - Oil on canvas 92 x 122 cm
A Touch of Paradise - Oil on linen 30 x 30 cm

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