Yvonne Maximchuk

"Art-making is a compulsion that defines me, wild nature is my muse, celebrating it is my mission. I am at home on my island, in the forest or at sea in my boat. Wildlife, marine mammals, the flowers, birds and passing clouds all excite and inspire me, with tremendous diversity and fabulous beauty."

Roses in June - Watercolour 8 x 11 in.

“Since childhood, my first memories are of nature, (roses, acorns, diamond-flashing dewdrops on spiderwebs, clouds) and drawing/colouring tools (crayons, finger paint, pencils and pens of all sorts) intertwined with a powerful emotional mix of joy, satisfaction and curiosity.

I received much support and self- identified as an artist the instant I heard the word for my compulsion.

A two-year post-secondary program in Graphic Arts and Illustration began my education and my professional life as an artist. First job was drawing frames for animated films and cartoons at Canawest Film Productions in Vancouver BC, however, love, then marriage and children diverted me from formal work or studies. My learning thereafter was self-directed.

As a ‘working artist’, and single mother of two, I managed to make a living with and develop my skills in watercolour painting along with the beautiful and functional art of pottery-making.

I was invited to teach adult education night classes which added to my skillset, and taught classes in White Rock BC for seven years, earning Instructor of the Year Award in 1985.

I re-married in 1986 and moved to Echo Bay, on an island off the coast of British Columbia, where my husband and I built a home, studio and art retreat. I offer personalized art inspiration to those who seek me out.

Two highlights of my education in art, and life, were painting workshops in France, the most significant a six-week session in 1985, in Avignon, France at the Centre d’Etudes Français de l’Institute Americain. These trips gave me insight into how the environment affects the painterly eye and ensuing artwork.

I became a published author in 1993 and am currently working on a novel set in my world.

I continue to take joy in my art practice, focusing on the ever-fascinating inspiration available in my wilderness home."

An Upwelling Sea - Acrylic 24 x 30 in.
Orca Buddies - Watercolour 10 x 14 in.
Home of the Harlequin Ducks - Acrylic 24 x 30 in.
The Grizzly Bears Picnic - Watercolour 14 x 20 in.

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One thought on “Yvonne Maximchuk

  1. Last October 17-22, while touring with the Aurora Explorer, we came to Billy Proctor’s Museum and your giftshop. I bought your book, Drawn to Sea. I wish I had read it before I met you… Just wanted to say it left me such a fan of yours ( and also Billy ) and all the family and friends you brought to life in your book. WOW! What an incredible life you have. I was blown away imagining the endurance you and Billy had on your multiple fishing trips.. and the trials of building your home, and hearing about your wedding , and your kids, ( including how school worked ), and your art, and just everything.. Having been raised in a small midwest town, getting my head around actually having no roads, and creating everything yourselves impressed me SO much. I love the art work shown on this site too. Just saying I am really an admirerer of yours!! Diane Millington
    PS. It also made me admire aboriginal people even more too. We bought the DVD about the Clam “farms’ created by them along the coastline centuries ago. Awesome.

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