Yvonne Welman

"I recycle cultural pictures and put them together to make my feminist opinion visible on all kinds of issues in our society."

Dance Macabre Event - Acrylic and collage 120 x 300 cm

After completing her education at the Academy of Arts Tilburg, the Netherlands, Yvonne Welman worked as a teacher in Arts and Art History. To improve her qualities as a painter,  she took lessons in 16th and 17th-century oil painting techniques. Welman works with open acrylics in a layering technique. The textile fabrics in a lot of the paintings are personal stories.

Because she likes to make narrative paintings, her work has to be realistic. The stories cover gender equality, social issues, art history and personal issues, exploring the Zeitgeist from a female perspective. Serendipity, time and technique each play their part during the process of creating her paintings. It takes a lot of time to create Welman's work which allows for inserting new ideas during the process. This stands in strong contrast with all the images that we are surrounded by, most of the day. Welman creates a more complex strip story from all the images we daily encounter.

Sometimes her work stagnates. To free her mind from such problems, Yvonne turns to the joy of creating with a focus on pure beauty, composition, structures, colors, light. Nature (flowers) provides the possibility to create without intellectual problems interfering. Most of the time just by using the craftmanship of drawing and painting there appears, out of nothing, a solution to the problems.

Artists like Breughel, Jeroen Bosch, Georgia O' Keefe, Camille Claudel, Neo Rauch, Lita Cabellut, Jenny Saville are her inspiration. Yvonne Welman is a member of the artists' societies NABK, BOK and WKK and Krimpener Kunstwaard in the Netherlands as well as Manhattans Arts International on line Gallery, Kun:st International Stuttgart. She has received awards in the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, USA etc.

Comment On Klimt - Acrylic 150 x 150 cm
Living Craft 1 - Oil 60 x 80 cm
Ceci n’est pas une Femme - Acrylic 101 x 70 cm
Since Leucippos - Acrylic and mixed media 140 x 140 cm

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