“My work consists of highly stylized pen and ink compositions, imbued with an "Escheresque" nuance, and a Dr. Seuss sense of fantasy. The viewer is immersed in iconic and ambiguous architectural elements, exhibiting travels abroad that combine nature, music and form into dynamic works of art.”

Dissertationen von Deutschland - Pen and ink72 x 34 x 1 in.

Raised near Denver, Colorado, American artist Scott Zbryk served in the US Navy submarines from 1971-73 and built a career in Architecture for 26 years. Returning to college at age 50, he earned a BFA from Metro State College of Denver in 2008 and MA (Hons) degree in Fine Arts from Regis University, Denver, Colorado (2014.) Zbryk currently resides in Evergreen, Colorado, creating artwork in his studio/gallery. Zbryk's work is influenced by a range of artists; from the skewed perspectives of M.C. Escher, the sculptural frolic of Red Grooms, the surreal atmospheres of Salvador Dali, and the whimsical environments of Dr. Seuss.

Contemplations of Paris - Pen and ink 39 x 51 x 2 in.
Athenian Spiral - Mixed media 48 x 30 x 12 in.
Tree House Highway to Heaven Blues - Mixed media 44 x 30 in.
Tree House Musician Blues - Mixed media 50 x 36 x 2 in.

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