Zeev Parush

"The philosophical theory of subjectivism says human beings cannot see the world but through their own self-interpretation. I create with the hope that my story pervades into the viewer's self-subjective world. My work is usually comprised of impressionism with some cynical twist.”

The Empty Dance Of Love - Digital painting 70 x 50

Zeev Parush is a self-taught painter, photographer and digital artist from Israel.

Selected Exhibitions

November 2017 - nude, naked - Group exhibition, Cuckoos Nest gallery, Jaffa - Tel Aviv, Israel

October 2017 - Nonplace - Group exhibition, Central gallery, Central bus station, Tel Aviv

July 2015 - Reflections - Group exhibition, Zadik Gallery, Jaffa-Tel Aviv

September 2014 - Images from Books - Group exhibition, Beit Alon gallery, Givataim

July 2014 - Fused Collection - Digital exhibition at the House of Israel, San Diego, USA

December 2013 - SHOO ROT SHOO ROT - Multidisciplinary Art Event the Cat and Dog Night Club, Tel Aviv

September 2012 - Welcome to the Jungle. Group exhibition, Tent Gallery,  Edinburgh

August 2011 - Disposition, Solo Exhibition, The Artists' House gallery, Tel Aviv

May 2011 - Persona Art Festival, Contemporary art show, The Rag Factory, London, UK

May 2011 - Donkey Art Prize, Group exhibition, Via Tortona, Milan, Italy

No Name - Acrylic on canvas 70 x 50
The Non Conformist - Digital painting 70 x 50
Babylon - Acrylic on canvas 70 x 50
Lord Of The Queen - Digital painting 70 x 50

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