Zephyra Vun

"How do we challenge our understanding of architecture + design as it relates to the self, process, and scale? Rooted in translating design ideas through more relatable conditions, my work imaginatively expresses architecture as a concept through the subjective context of visual art."

Union Bank Building - Acrylic paint and charcoal on canvas 37 x 37 in.

Zephyra Vun is the Founder of anARCHI design, a multi-disciplinary, solo art studio in Winnipeg, Canada participating in architecturally inspired art projects, live art performances, and curator of public art events and exhibitions. She is also the Executive Director of Design Quarter Winnipeg, an innovative initiative aimed at promoting authentic, local retail and design culture in Winnipeg, by curating a destination experience of our walkable downtown districts.

Vun received her Environmental Design Degree (2009) and Masters of Architecture Degree (2011) from the University of Manitoba. She is an ambassador for accessible art and design and strives to advocate inclusive public engagement with these creative disciplines. She maintains a strong presence in the fine arts field, exhibiting her work internationally as a member of International Contemporary Artist Curator as well as with representation by New York Art Productions.

Vun’s portfolio of artwork is always architecturally inspired. Her work emphasizes the importance of hand-crafted authenticity in today’s digital age and humanizing the creative process to preserve originality. Her work often discloses the creation process as a prominent feature. The notion of scale, and how our bodies participate in art and in architecture, is also very present in her work. As such, “the self” becomes a consistent point of origin across Vun’s portfolio.

As an architecture graduate, Vun possesses a solid understanding of the importance of hand-crafting and drawing. Vun believes the digital-dependency and declining relevancy of handcrafting in the contemporary arts and design industries not only negatively affects how art is perceived, putting little emphasis on the importance of genuine, humanized creation, but also conveys the process of design as more of a service than an art form. As such, Vun strives to intensively connect and immerse herself personally within every piece she creates.

Decimal - Acrylic paint, ink and charcoal on canvas 14 x 14 in.
Downtown - Acrylic paint on canvas 36 x 48 in.
Here Is The House - Pencil on paper 24 x 36 in.
346/348 Arbuthnot Street - Pencil on paper 20 x 40 in.

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