Zuzana Ridzonova (ZuluArt)

“I am an artist focused on cubist. My big inspirations are nature, music, love and my own life.”

Woman with the Mandoline - Oil on Canvas 80 x 60 cm €840

Zuzana Ridzonová (b.1990) is a Slovak contemporary artist who embarked on her artistic journey after graduating from high school at the University of Trnava, Faculty of Education. As a self-taught painter, she developed her distinctive style and primarily showcases and sells her works online, organizing several auctions annually.

Ridzonová's artistic achievements include exhibitions in Polička in 2019 and Paris in 2023. She gained international recognition by securing 5th place in the American Art Awards 2024. Her work can be explored further through this link: American Art Awards 2024.

Moment with You - Oil on Canvas 80 x 60 cm €78
Conversation - Oil on Canvas 80 x 60 cm €780
The Uncle - Oil on Canvas 80 x 60 cm €750
Catch the Sun - Oil on Canvas 80 x 60 cm €850

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