Issue 11

On the Front Cover: MB Photography (Italy)
On the Back Cover: Charles Whiting (USA)
We present a unique selection of 61 remarkable fine artists that should be collected. We examine works in photography, painting, sculpture, mixed media, collage, illustration, drawing and installation that are curated together to tell the story of what art looks like today. Each unique page is an introduction to the artist’s practice and their ideas on art-making and the magazine functions as a who-is-who in fine art today.  Enjoy leafing through this magazine, visit each artist’s website to see more about their art and inquire with us or them directly to acquire a piece, hire the artist, or collaborate with them.

Featuring Remarkable Artwork by:
Yanika Anukulpun ∙ Jiaranai Apaipak ∙ Cristian Bodogan ∙ Kathrin Broden ∙ Małgorzata Buczek-Śledzińska ∙ Balazs Buda ∙ Mandy Budan ∙ Francesca Busca ∙ Laara Cassells ∙ Monika Casutt ∙ Janice Corkin Rudolf ∙ Lynden Cowan ∙ Barbara Crimella ∙ Barrie Dale ∙ Krasi Dimtch ∙ Yuxuan Ding ∙ Cordelia Doll ∙ Stacie Flint ∙ Linda Foard Roberts ∙ Eduardo Fujii ∙ Egon Gade Artwork ∙ Michael Ian Goulding ∙ Martin Hagen ∙ Imre Hasanic ∙ Yaman Hu ∙ Toshio Ishikawa ∙ Muge Karamanci ∙ Heike Karcher ∙ Yvonne M. Klug ∙ Carol Ladewig ∙ Karen Landrigan ∙ Reiner Langer ∙ Nikolay Lavetsky ∙ Derwin Leiva ∙ Justin Love ∙ Tobbe Malm ∙ Daria Martinoni ∙ Attila Mata ∙ Nevine Mattar ∙ MB Photography ∙ Elizabeth Miller Mccue ∙ Tatiana McWethy ∙ Guillaume Menuel ∙ Manuel Morquecho ∙ Chad Mount ∙ George Emil Odthermat ∙ Viral Padiya ∙ Nadja Petrovic ∙ Laura Phelps Rogers ∙ Jose Luis Quinones ∙ Arturo Javier Reyes Medina ∙ Peter Riss ∙ Peisy Ting ∙ Adele Venter ∙ Stéphane Vereecken ∙ Laurens G. Vermaesen ∙ Avril Ward ∙ J. Thomas Wells ∙ Charles Whiting ∙ Evgeny Yakovlev ∙ Guilherme Zawa

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