About The Foundation

Circle Foundation for the Arts was created in 2017. Our office is located in Lyon, France and we function as an international arts platform. We annually represent no more that 300 visual artists in our online gallery. Although many artists apply for membership, our goal is to maintain a small and exclusive selection of Featured Artists.

Circle Foundation provides a platform for the active fine artist, orchestrating the development of a variety of visual arts projects and open calls. Our goal is to provide a stage for the artist, who can implement it as a forum to publish, exhibit, win grants, awards and titles and to boost their resume while also becoming established within a notable network.

About the Director

Born in Athens, Greece, Myrina Tunberg Georgiou grew up on the island of Crete. After graduating high school she moved to Athens to attend the National University of Greece and study Methodology, History and Theory of Sciences. Next, she moved to Santa Barbara, California to study Studio Art at SBCC. Deeply inspired by Professor, Department Chair and sculptor Ed Inks she further pursued an education in Art History and Studio Art. After earning a degree in Design & Technology from the San Francisco Art Institute, Myrina continued to be involved in the San Francisco Bay Area art community working for a variety of art institutions, museums, and galleries. In 2011, she co-founded Kitsch Gallery, an experimental art space in the city’s vibrant, Mission District, which housed 12 artist studios and a gallery space where she co-directed a variety of visual and sound art exhibits. In 2012, Myrina moved from California to Paris, France where she did freelance design work for galleries and publishing houses. Since 2014, Myrina has been living in Lyon, France.

After a decade of experience working in galleries and art institutions in the USA, Greece, and France, in 2017, Myrina created Circle Foundation for the Arts. Inspired by the variety of practices and perspectives in contemporary art and with the main purpose of highlighting the importance of art and culture as an integral part of our social and political lives, the Foundation functions as a platform publicizing the work of remarkable artists around the world.

Our Professional Team

For each project we collaborate with a variety of designers, literary editors, printing experts, independent curators and other art organisations to ensure a high standard and impeccable quality of any finished product.

Visual Arts Magazines

Published online and in print, our magazines are distributed internationally reaching a wide audience. We currently circulate two titles, Circle Quarterly Art Review, and Spotlight Magazine.  Each new issue introduces 80-100 fine artists providing an exploration of current trends and original practices in all visual arts fields. Artists interested in publishing in our magazines can sign up for our #newsletter or directly email us at apply@circle-arts.com to request information.

Annual Artist's Grant

Each year we organized the CFA Artist of the Year Award, through which we have so far delivered 5,500€ in cash grants as well as publication on the covers and pages of our magazines. In 2018, the 1st Place CFA Artist of the Year was award to Spanish painter, Cinta Vidal. The 2nd Place CFA Artist of the Year Award to American photographer, Nicolas Bruno and the 3rd Place CFA Artist of the Year title, to Canadian painter, Steven Volpe. In 2017, Pavel Sokov received the CFA Artist of the Year title sharing it with American photographer Jenny Woods.

Artists interested in applying for the CFA Artist of the Year Award, please visit the award page.

Circle Philosophy

We are passionate about art and we approach what we do with enthusiasm. We are dedicated to the artists we represent and we are always looking to expand our services, keep developing and propose new and interesting projects. We believe in hard work and kindness. For us, art is not only a beautiful creative and expressive outlet, but we look at art as a vital necessity in making the world a better place. Most of our projects have a fee and that is because they require an entire team of professionals to develop, coordinate and perform.

Environmental Policy

For CIRCLE, protecting the environment is a top priority. At our office, we recycle and reuse paper and office materials as much as we can. Our magazine is printed on acid-free paper using HP Indigo technology, a computerized process that produces less waste and employs fewer resources (lower emissions) per job when compared to conventional printing. We encourage you to recycle your copy of our magazines or pass it on to a friend.

Circle Newsletter
The CFA Newsletter for Artists is a great way to stay in touch with opportunities to publish and exhibit your art. Join our mailing list to receive news, priority invitation to projects, discounts, and more. We send minimal and only quality content. Artists interested in our projects should subscribe today.
What Artists Say About Circle

“It is a great honor to be an affiliate artist and to have received honorable mention in their Artist of the Year contest. To be among so many talented artists is a special place to be!”

- Jil Blackwell

 “I’m happy with my presentation and proud to be published among those fabulous artists.”

- Tobbe

“The video is absolutely fantastic.”

- Shaima

“Thank you so much to all and everyone! The magazine is absolutely stunningly presented. Great work!  I feel so proud – and so very grateful to be part of it. Thank You!”

- Elin

Many thanks for this exciting news. I am really thrilled to be included within The Circle Foundation for the Arts. I am also very pleased with the Page that you have created from the information supplied, and will shortly contribute my first article for the website.

Best wishes

Paul (Amazilia Photography)

 “I’ve received the copy (of the magazine) – many thanks! Everything looks good and professional. A good experience working with you!”


- Nadja

“(The magazine) is great! Thank you for this honor to be in such a remarkable publication. It is a great pleasure to see a great selection of artist colleagues with their artworks. Also for it a big praise, congratulation!”

- Ursa

“I would like to say thank you for publication of my artwork in your magazine.
The new edition of Spotlight 13 looks great! I like the quality of printing and design.
And I already have a respond – an invitation from one Austrian gallery to exhibit with them at the Carousel du Louvre which is amazing! It is exactly what I was looking for – the possibility to exhibit in Europe, so thank you again.”

- Elena Dobrovolskaya

‘It’s such a great news the spring issue of the magazine has been published. Looks really good. Well done to you and the team. I’m delighted to have my artwork included amongst such a strong selection of international contemporary art. It’s been my pleasure to participate in the project.  I’ll share the magazine on my website in upcoming days.”

- Gerard

“I am very happy to be part of Circle Foundation for the Arts and work with you for a year and I hope for many years.”

- Maria

“I would  like to congratulate you on the extraordinary echo that your site has had and I would like to inform you as a CFA affiliate  that I have just published a new artistic innovation with a new article…”

- Mourad

“Circle Arts Magazine stood out to me from other magazines by it’s simple aesthetic. The works didn’t conflict with each other spacially, so I feel that the Magazine honors its artworks through its method of presentation.”

- Joelle

Thanks again for the opportunity to be part of this excellent work. The Spotlight Magazine looks amazing and all the artists that share the pages are very very interesting. It is a great opportunity to know and study all of them. Of course I have already ordered the issue no 19 and I’m looking forward to carrying it in my hands. So proud to be part of CFA.

I’m waiting for the next invitation.

Stay safe,

- Sasa Pappa

“I think the format is simply elegant and the photographs beautifully reproduced. Thank you for your attention to detail and excellent product!”

- Lynda M.

“You guys did a great job! I love it, and (am) proud of being a CFA Affiliate Artist.”

- Lynn

“Circle Foundation has again produced and published a Quarterly Art Review of exceptional quality. The curated choice of the artists/images represented does offer a feast for the eyes and the mind. Congratulations on another project well done.  Thank you for my inclusion.”

- Terry Golletz

“Great issue!

Love it! I’m honored to be part of it.

Thank you for this.”

- Pol Turgeon

“Thank you. I have already received an offer from a gallery in Bologna, Italy after they had seen my work on your website. 🙂 It seems to be all about networking 🙂 Regards,”

- Sally

Thanks for your mail and including me in your magazine. I already ordered a few. I am very proud to have been chosen. Met vriendelijke groet,”

- Yvonne Welman

Thank you for this feature and opportunity. Super stoked to hear this!! Hope to work closer with you and your team to heighten the visual arts scene globally! Thank you and looking forward to hearing more from you of future opportunities.

- Kelvin

“So happy and excited to be part of this institution of that is possible with you of course. I respect what you do and is great for the art world!”

- Jamalat

“The page and images look really great. I thank you for selecting my work and I am honored to be part of the  Affiliate Artists Program.  I look forward to seeing the next issue of Spotlight Magazine.”

- Dolores

“I love the presentation…elegant, professional and sophisticated.”

- Leonardo

I am very impressed by the quality of the images on this issue and I congratulate you for that! It is a very interesting issue and I am very excited to be a part of it!!!!

- Vasile

(The video) looks excellent and I think Vimeo is a terrific venue for it.

- Brian Colez

“Circle Foundation for the Arts is a wonderful opportunity for artists to gain exposure on an international stage. I feeled very honored to have been invited to join this professional forum.’

- Celia Anderson

“I thoroughly enjoy this magazine of contemporary international art. I have shown in it once and the experience is like entering into a competitive show. As with gallery or museum shows the artist is invited to send in work to be considered by a particular art curator. The application includes a small fee per work entered which clearly is for processing and not for profit. This makes the opportunity not only accessible financially but also enables them to combine excellent works that have a true feel of being a collection rather than a portfolio of whose who on the latest scene.”

- Alison Young

Wow, the magazine looks great. Such interesting art, and I love the variation and reading what the other artists have to say!

- Laura Weindorf

Thank you for the wonderful presentation of the interview. I’ve already shared it on social media. It was a pleasure answering the questions! Warm regards and all the best,


“Many thanks for such a beautiful magazine and layout in Spotlight! I am very happy that my artwork is  exposed so beautifully and professionally 🙂 Give my hello to the whole team and have a lovely summer.”

- Merja

“I love the magazine. Nicely done. Thank you. I am going to order some hard copies. All my Best,”


Thank you again for the wonderful opportunity. The magazine is published beautifully.
I have placed an order for the print magazine and look forward to receiving it. 

Thank you again to you and your esteemed team.
Hopefully we will be able to work together in the near future. Thank you for making my day! 


- Yvonne

“I’m very happy and excited on this publication.. It looks fantastic!! Thank you!”

- Manny

“I am thrilled to be a part of Circle Foundation for the Arts. Fantastic elite group of artists with outstanding art. Myrina and Anna have been very helpful and professional in all their work and it is a pleasure to work with them. The Circle Foundation for the Arts is a great international platform for artists. It offers a great many opportunities to connect, inform and to showcase art from a variety of ways.”

- Armineh Hovanesian

I had ordered 2 print copies, they were mailed to me already after a few days (-I think, it took just 4 days!) and I am totally excited about the very good, high quality- print, the colors and all the great art in the magazine. I love it!!! A very good job!!! Thanks a lot!!!

- William 

“We have just received the magazine tonight, and so excited. Beautiful magazine with excellent content of contemporary artmoreover good quality print and thick paper.We enjoyed looking all pages.We will show this magazine to our people at our opening reception for our exhibition in Tokyo tomorrow evening. Good timing. We are happy. Thank you very much.”

- Pipit Yamamoto and Koichi Yamamoto

“Dear Myrina, I have received your email yesterday and this is the most wonderful news ever! I am thrilled and honored to be on your website and being represented by your gallery! Thank you so much for giving me this wonderful opportunity! I am looking forward to the catalog news, soon as well! And of course I will be in touch about my new works and exhibitions!

I am exhibiting this coming April with Artexpo in New York City! This is very exciting and I wanted to share this great news as well!  My best regards,”

- Maria Zelasko Tomaselli 

“Thank you so much for all that you have done to help me in my art journey, it is a pleasure to be a CFA Member Artist! I love my page you have created for me as well- Thank you!Keep up the good work, you are appreciated!”

- Susan

Wanted to say a big thank you so much for the published image in your recent issue of Spotlight.  I’m absolutely thrilled with the result and plan to order print versions soon.  The finish of the publication has such a polished look about it,  it truly enhances the painting.  Once again many thanks. 

- Cheryl Richardson

“I would like to thank you all, for being included in your publication, but moreover, I am overwhelmed to find myself on the front page. Thank you once again.”

- Paul Scerri

Thank you. (My page) looks great. I am very honored.  

- Brian

The video is wonderful! Thank you! 🙂

- Hong

“I’m so excited and proud to be featured in Spotlight magazine.  The magazine is so beautiful and well composed, I’m looking forward to receiving my copy, I just ordered it 🙂 “

- Caroline 

” I am very impressed with the art and how professional it looks.”

- Diane Holland

“Love the magazine, tasteful and loved the outlay!”

- Hiske

Thank you all and congratulations with the publication great outcome I think. Very impressive front cover.

- Gudrun Nielsen

L’ho gia’ condivisa con i miei amici e spero…che tanti altri amici in tutto il mondo …vedano il mio quadro ed anche i quadri di tutti i pittori che avete pubblicato insieme a me! Grazie ancora.
Un carissimo saluto,

- Antonella Lagana

“It is an honor to be included along with the other artists, each with their very personal creative expression. My experience with Circle Foundation has been extremely positive and I would again like to thank you for accepting me as one of your artists and for your insightful critique of my work.”

- Terry G.

Hello, I just received your mail and I want to thank you a lot for the honor.
Keep doing this excellent job and congratulation to all artists!

- Frini

“The edition looks beautiful. I can’t wait to have the paper magazine in my hands.”

- Andrea

Thank you so much for including my work in your wonderful “A Quiet Place” collection.

Newel Hunter

“What a beautiful book and such good work of great quality and variety. The presentation is great and one has pleasure looking at the pages. I notice that you have a very fine taste and am happy to figure among your artists. It must be exhilarating to edit such quality books.”

- Marianne Svinkovsky

“The magazine looks great! Nice and clean!”

- RX

This is to confirm that I have received your email regarding the publication of my CFA Affiliate Artist page.
I am most thankful for the wonderful review of my work.  It is “spot-on”!  I couldn’t be happier with it!
Your insightfulness is amazing.  I learned so much about my own work seeing it through your eyes.
I love the way you connected the Classical Figures series with my most current painting “Reflections I”.
Most sincerely,

Gerard Huber

“The magazine looks amazing! Great presentation of all artists.”

- Nasia Houvarda

“I very much enjoyed looking through the artwork and loved the quote or info posted under each piece of work. It was a pleasure from cover to cover. The reproduction of my own artwork was also great.”

- Gail W.

Thank you so much for my beautiful presentation in your exciting magazine.

- Luis

It is a very impressive issue. I am honored to be included. 

- Pamela Becker

“I just received my copy today. The book looks amazing! The printing quality is great and the paper is also great, not too glossy.So glad I got them!”

- Keiko

This is a note just to let you know that I feel totally involved as represented art member of the Circle Foundation to all what you do. Your representation of my work means a lot to me. Also for the quality, the validity and the outstanding image you maintain for the artists in your roster. Looking forward to many visual opportunities and if there is anything also you need to know about my work or questions, please let me know. Cordially

- Leonardo Lanzolla 

“Thanks for your email and the great news that the issue is published. It’s looking marvelous and I’m proud being one of the artists featured in this magazine.”

- Tjeerd

“I just wanted to let you know that my painting sold, Sunshine Football. I am so happy and sending it to Australia! Thank you for all your help in putting in the fabulous Spotlight 7 magazine.”

- Sara

“I’m happy to be part of this.T he site is excellent with an eye for good art and it is a pleasure to look at the different portfolios. In the beginning, I was skeptical but as soon as I got deeper involved this feeling changed completely! I would recommend it to every artist !”

- Michal Ashkenasi

“My CFA page looks great and the text is perfect, thank you.”

- Jack

“Dear Circle Foundation for the Arts I really appreciated the page which you did for me. Looks beautiful and very professional.”

- Yelena

“Many thanks for the support it is very much appreciated.”

- Mark

Thank you so much for your careful and professional work: My new Artist page is really beautiful! It is a great honour for me to be a CFA Affiliate Artist Thanks a lot!

Angela Keller

“Congratulations people from circle-arts for your magazine. It looks really nice.”

- Johannes 

“I would like to thank you guys so much for being so helpful and kind. The magazine looks amazing. Can’t wait to get see it in person.  I’m looking forward to working with you again in the future.”

- Mara Galvao

“Wow! How cool is this! Thank you! Thrilled to be included with other very talented artists!”

- Joy
“Your professional service is highly appreciated. Best regards, “
- Winnie

It is an honour to be part of the Circle Foundation for the Arts, and as a member, I will endeavour to participate where possible.
I have reviewed the link to my live page and found it to be a most professional production and look forward to using the medium to advance my art practice and to promote CFA.

My continued support

John Gambardella EMASMA, EMCAS, EMCF

I can’t thank you enough for this fabulous presentation of me and my work. Many thanks.

- Sara

Thank you for your inspiring message! I’m honored and happy to be part of the show.

Asta Caplan

“The different folios of the artists’ works represented by you are very interesting and of high standard. One does not get bored watching the many paintings. Thank you for your good organization.”

- Dagma Gogdun

“Thanks again for your great job of publishing. In March, I ordered two paper copies and they are very beautiful. Thank you.”

- Stephane

“Thank you very much. Being a member of this perfect community is a pleasure for me.”

- Pinar A.

Thank you for your mail. I am excited with the new magazine and I am very happy that my work appears right at the beginning. Also, your picture selection makes me happy! Thanks a lot! Warm Regards,


- Ute Eiselt

“The page on CFA looks very professional..” 

- RJ

 “I love my page and am delighted to be an Affiliate member of the CFA.”

- Gwen

“Thank you I received the print copies of Spotlight ok they arrived in good condition.The little magazine was well presented some excellent so works there.”

- David W.

“Myrina and Anna have been very helpful and professional in all their work, it is an honor to be part of Circle Foundation for the Arts and I am sure all artists will find it a pleasure to work with Myrina and Anna. Keep up the good work, you are appreciated!”

- Susan Willemse

“Thank you. The magazine looks great. I’ll post the link in my Twitter, Instagram and fb sites.”

- Patton Hunter

Thanks a lot to the Circle Foundation for an opportunity of membership. This is a fantastic resource for any visual artist. Not only it gives you a brilliant and professional representation, but also a step up into the circle of great artists and like-minded people.

- Aleksandra Sheren

“I thank you so much and truly appreciate the huge effort that CFA is making for artists.”

- Christine

“Thank you for everything, especially for the editing of my text. I like the page.”

- Renate

It was great to see my work in your magazine. Really grateful.

- Shaima

Thank you very much for the great news! I am very honored to receive the Honorable Mention Award for my artwork. I am looking forward to receiving my certificate and sharing it with my circle of International artists in Spain, United States and Latin America!”

- Angie
Dear beautiful people of Circle Foundation,
I hope you are all doing well!
The page/interview looks fantastic! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity and looking forward to many other collaborations!
Much gratitude,
- Ema Harris-Sintamarian 

“I received your email yesterday THANK YOU I am very satisfied.”

- Enzo

“I have just received the copies I ordered of the Winter 2018 Issue of CIRCLE QUARTERLY ART REVIEW Magazine.  I have a painting in this issue “The Neglected Flower Bed” and I want to thank you for the high quality of the magazine. I am delighted to be in the company of so many other good artists and their work. I hope to keep in touch with your projects in the future. Sincere thanks.”

- Georg 

Thanks for the heads up. As always, well designed. I appreciate the exposure and your efforts to throw some light on the work of lesser-known artists.


Thank you for your fast and high-quality work.

- Berndt

“Many thanks for the page – The layout is excellent – You have done a great job!”

- Mark

“First of all, thank you so much for making everything possible, to everyone at Art Circle for considering me for participating and selecting me, and for being always reachable.  I loved the preview of the magazine, to see my painting there and to be part of other great artists I liked in there.”

- Alex

” I think your platform is really beautiful!”

- Rosie

Thank you very much, I like my page – great design!

- Suzanne

“The Circle Foundation for the Arts is a great international platform for artists. It offers a great many opportunities to connect, inform and to showcase art from a variety of ways. Happy to be a part of it!!!”

- DDiArte

“I just received my copy of the Spring Quarterly Review. It’s exquisite! I’m honored to have my artwork included. I especially love that this issue has introductory words form one of my all-time favorite film directors, Jim Jarmusch. Thank you!”

- Elizabeth Frank
“Thank you very much for your email. The presentation of Spotlight looks great. I appreciated the wonderful job you have done, your attention to every detail when working on the magazine, specially in selecting images. It is a joy for me to work with such dedicated and talented team.”
- Winnie KS Hui

“Terrific design and excellent selection of artists. Thanks again for including 3 of my paintings.”

- Gary Aagaard

“Thank you very much for your email, I really appreciate to see my beautiful “Helen Kagan Healing Arts page”  on your CFA website! It looks very nice!”

- Helen

“I love my page!! It’s so exciting!! The text is perfect! Thank you for representing my art!! I’m so happy!! I can’t wait to share on my Facebook page, Instagram et Twitter!”

- Melanie

“Thank you, I am so pleased to be part of CFA.”

- Mario

“Thank you again for this exciting opportunity. The page looks great and the editing is perfect! Here’s to our future success!”

- Jess

“Thank you so much for featuring my painting “Colours Of Worship” in  Circle Quarterly Art Review Magazine – Spring Issue. The magazine looks great! I am excited to share this news on social media!”

- Vicky Talwar

“I am very impressed by the overall quality of the magazine and extremely pleased by the presentation of my work on the cover as well as inside of the magazine. I am looking forward to see the printed copy which may look even better. I want to thank you again for the opportunity extended to me and I am very proud to have my work associated with the Circle Foundation.”

- Mihaela

“I like the magazine very much and will love to share it with my friends.
Thanks a lot. Best regards, “

- Lynn

First of all, I would like to say thank you for your dedicated service to artists. It is a joy to have my page/website on your foundation organization. I think it is a wonderful collaboration, we both need each other and I am delighted and excited to be with you.

Ann Dunbar

“I received the very nice print copies of Spotlight Magazine June. I have sent it to many experts.They are impressed!”

- Ursa

“Thank you very much for the honor to be a member of CFA. I appreciate it.”

- Ursa

Thank you so much for putting (my page) out so promptly.
Very much appreciate with full gratitude.
Warm Regards

- Vinod Madhok

Brilliant, very many thanks and very happy to be published in your magazine with so many excellent artists. Will connect to my website and do more with your great publicity! Exciting, thank you! Every best wish and success with all you are doing,

- Maz

“The magazine looks great and thank you for choosing my art to be represented in it.”

- Jane

I had ordered and received the magazine. It was beautifully done and I was so delighted to be included.

- Nancy

Wow, my page is very beautiful. 

- Arrachme

“When I have seen my photographs published in CFA, ordered by Myrina, I have realized the great artistic potential of my work. Now they are no longer loose and numbered photographs but a great work of art published on the CFA website. Honestly masterful.”

- NluzLove

“I looked at your site and was impressed by the caliber of the art. A wonderful mix of abstract and representational.”

- Marc

“Thank you very much.  I am very happy and excited to be part of CFA.”

- Armineh

“Thank you so much for creating such beautiful magazine! I’m very honored to have a spot on it!”

- Momo

I am very satisfied with my page.

- Mauro

“Hello Anna and Circle Arts, Thank you for continuing to represent my artwork on your beautiful website. Every time I visit I’m inspired by the breadth and quality of the artworks shown. The presentation online and in print is exquisite! Warm Regards,”

- Elizabeth Frank

“Thank you so much for those beautiful pages in the Spotlight Magazine! I really did not expect such a wonderful outlay with my work! The printing work is excellent and the colors are exactly as is !! I’m really happy with it.”

- Michal

“The magazine is really first rate. Excellent appearance and editing. Congratulations!!”

- Jason

Thank you so much, the magazine really looks fantastic! 🙂

- Gus

“Myrina, the art director is quite friendly, open and honest.
I like the way she looks at my work and appreciate the opportunities she gives
the artists with her magazine.”

- Marie-Jeanne Van Hövell Tot Westerflier

“Delighted with the quality of the quarterly magazine. Excellent layout and presentation. I would like to see all artists listed and a search facility to find artists/members on the web site. I would recommend the magazine to the artist. “

- Syra Larkin

“I thank you so much and truly appreciate the huge effort that CFA is making for artists.”

- Christine

The layout of Your magazine looks awesome! Thank you for choosing my artwork for this great magazine. It makes me really happy to look that beautiful variety of very interesting and inspiring artworks – it is an honor to be among the featured artists. I see that your team is very dedicated and enthusiastic in their work  Many thanks to everyone with their wonderful work for art and us artists and have a lovely autumn! With Best Regards,

- Merja

“Circle Foundation for the Arts is a great organization to be part of! I am honored to have my work promoted alongside other great artists. Gets artists good exposure. Wonderfully designed magazines and very helpful staff.’

- Tobbe Malm

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve just received the Circle Quarterly Art Review Magazine and I was most impressed with the quality of the publication.  Stunning cover photograph. Well done!

Ann James Massey

“I am honored to be a member of Circle Foundation for the Arts. This is unique magazine with amazing art. All the artists are extratalented. Artworks are inspiring! I feel and i know what kind of laborious work by selecting artworks is done. I am thankful to you, it’s pleasure to watch and to be a part of this world!”

- Константин Горелов

“The magazine looks amazing online! I can’t wait to see it in person. Thank you so much for everything! You guys are awesome!!! I’m looking forward to working with you again in the future.”

- Mara Galvao

” It is a great thing to give the chance to the artist to show the artworks and my page is beautiful amongst a talented group.”

- Danisa

Thanks again for selecting my images – I am truly honored to be published in Circle Arts magazine.

-  Silvija

“I feel very honored to be a part of Circle Foundation for the Arts. The publications are first class and full of cutting edge contemporary art. It is refreshing to find such a collection of fine art of many styles collected in one place and displayed so professionally. A great thank you to Myrina for the way she handled a small problem. She was gracious and professional and I appreciated her help.”

- Marti White

“Thank you very much! The magazine is wonderful and I would like to keep in touch for future participations.”

- Daniela Danova

“Thank you so much for putting the time into this! The magazine looks amazing from what I can see with Issuu, and I’ve just ordered my print copy! I’ve shared the link online, too!

Thanks so much again for this opportunity!”

- Geena

Many thanks for including one of my pieces in this video, and for sending me the link. I am very pleased to see my work included, and have also very much enjoyed looking at the other art included!
Best wishes

- Amazilia Photography

“Hi Myrina,  Thank you for your email, just wanted to thank you very much for inclusion in Issue 12 of the Magazine,  I couldn’t be more thrilled with the result. All the best.  Regards,”

- Cheryl Richardson

“Thanks for welcoming me to CFA! It’s a great pleasure to be among the fine artists you have here.”

- Jaie

Thank you kindly for sending the link to my new CFA Affiliate Artist page. I am very pleased with the look of the page and also with the vibrant commentary about my art and my life as an artist! I am currently away on an artist’s residency retreat. As soon as I have new work, I will be interested in publishing a page in your magazine.

Best Regards,

- Adrienne Walker Hoard
Thank you very much for the publication.
It is very gratifying to be part of Circle Foundation for Arts.
- Roxana Werner

“Circle Foundation for the Arts is a great organization to be part of! I am honored to have my work promoted alongside other great artists. Myrina and Anna are very professional and it is evident that they care deeply in providing many opportunities for artists.”

- Lisa Folino

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