About The Foundation

Circle Foundation for the Arts was founded in 2017. We are located in Lyon, France but we represent artists worldwide. We collaborate with curators and art professionals whom we invite at the end of every project to sit down with us, review the participating artists and select the recipients of each award, contest etc. Our goal is to provide a stage for remarkable visual artists,  who can use the CFA platform to become established within a notable network, publish online and in print, boost their resume, win grants, titles and other valuable awards.

About Circle Quarterly Magazine

Our official quarterly art review, Circle Quarterly Magazine is available as e-magazine and in print. Each new issue introduces 50 fine artists providing an exploration of current trends and original practices in all visual arts fields. Circle Quarterly is a great way to discover art worth collecting. You can read the magazine for free, page-by-page, on our website and through major online publication media. You can click on each artist’s name to visit their website and connect with them directly. The printed magazine comes in two sizes, pocket and regular, and is available for direct order. Artists interested in publishing in Circle Quarterly can join our open contests to win full pages and/or the front and back covers of the next issue.

Membership for Artists

We invite select fine artists working in all visual media to join the CFA Affiliate Artists’ program. Affordable, rewarding and very straightforward our membership program will provide you, the active artist, with a list of important benefits that will professionalize your profile and directly involve you with valuable projects. These benefits include a personal CFA webpage and review of your work and career, full page publication in SPOTLIGHT Magazine, the chance to become CFA Artist of the Year and more.

Cash Grant for Artists

Dedicated to supporting the active artist, CFA gives a 2000€ (about 2,270$!) cash grant to the 1st Place Winner of the CFA Artist of the Year Award.  Our goal is to provide the winning artist with a meaningful and practical way to make art and promote their career.  

 Our Philosophy

We are passionate about art and we approach what we do with enthusiasm. We are dedicated to the artists we represent and we are always looking to expand our services, keep developing and propose new and interesting projects. We believe in hard work and kindness. For us, art is not only a beautiful creative and expressive outlet, but we look at art as a vital necessity in making the world a better place. 

What artists say about us

Many thanks for the support it is very much appreciated. 

- Mark

” I think your platform is really beautiful!”

- Rosie

“I love my page!! It’s so exciting!! The text is perfect! Thank you for representing my art!! I’m so happy!! I can’t wait to share on my Facebook page, Instagram et Twitter!”

- Melanie

“I am very happy to be part of Circle Foundation for the Arts and work with you for a year and I hope for many years.”

- Maria

“Thank you very much. Being a member of this perfect community is a pleasure for me.”

- Pinar A.

“The page on CFA looks very professional..” 

- RJ

“Thank you, I am so pleased to be part of CFA.”

- Mario

“You guys did a great job! I love it, and (am) proud of being a CFA Affiliate Artist.”

- Lynn

“Wow! How cool is this! Thank you! Thrilled to be included with other very talented artists!”

- Joy

“Thank you again for this exciting opportunity. The page looks great and the editing is perfect! Here’s to our future success!”

- Jess

“Thank you I received the print copies of Spotlight ok they arrived in good condition.The little magazine was well presented some excellent so works there.”

- David W.

“Thanks for welcoming me to CFA! It’s a great pleasure to be among the fine artists you have here.”

- Jaie

“The page and images look really great. I thank you for selecting my work and I am honored to be part of the  Affiliate Artists Program.  I look forward to seeing the next issue of Spotlight Magazine.”

- Dolores

“I very much enjoyed looking through the artwork and loved the quote or info posted under each piece of work. It was a pleasure from cover to cover. The reproduction of my own artwork was also great.”

- Gail W.

“Thank you very much for your email, I really appreciate to see my beautiful “Helen Kagan Healing Arts page”  on your CFA website! It looks very nice!”

- Helen

“It is an honor to be included along with the other artists, each with their very personal creative expression. My experience with Circle Foundation has been extremely positive and I would again like to thank you for accepting me as one of your artists and for your insightful critique of my work.”

- Terry G.

“Thank you very much for the honor to be a member of CFA. I appreciate it.”

- Ursa

“I received the very nice print copies of Spotlight Magazine June. I have sent it to many experts.They are impressed!”

- Ursa

“I thank you so much and truly appreciate the huge effort that CFA is making for artists.”

- Christine

“My CFA page looks great and the text is perfect, thank you.”

- Jack

“Dear Circle Foundation for the Arts I really appreciated the page which you did for me. Looks beautiful and very professional.”

- Yelena

“Thank you very much.  I am very happy and excited to be part of CFA.”

- Armineh

“Many thanks for the page – The layout is excellent – You have done a great job!”

- Mark

“I think the format is simply elegant and the photographs beautifully reproduced. Thank you for your attention to detail and excellent product!”

- Lynda M.

 “I’ve received the copy (of the magazine) – many thanks! Everything looks good and professional. A good experience working with you!”


- Nadja

“I like the magazine very much and will love to share it with my friends.
Thanks a lot. Best regards, “

- Lynn

” It is a great thing to give the chance to the artist to show the artworks and my page is beautiful amongst a talented group.”

- Danisa

 Environmental Policy

For CFA, protecting the environment is a top priority. At our office, we recycle and reuse paper and office materials as much as we can. Our magazine is printed on acid-free paper using HP Indigo technology, a computerized process that produces less waste and employs fewer resources (lower emissions) per job when compared to conventional printing. We encourage you to recycle your copy of our magazines or pass it on to a friend.

Newsletter for Artists

The CFA Newsletter for Artists is a great way to stay in touch with opportunities to publish and exhibit your art. Join our mailing list to receive news, priority invitation to projects, discounts, and more. We send minimal and only quality content.