Issue 12

On the Front Cover: Cinta Vidal (Spain)
On the Back Cover: Nicolas Bruno (USA)
We present a unique selection of 95 remarkable fine artists that should be collected. We examine works in photography, painting, sculpture, mixed media, collage, illustration, drawing and installation that are curated together to tell the story of what art looks like today. Each unique page is an introduction to the artist’s practice and their ideas on art-making and the magazine functions as a who-is-who in fine art today. Enjoy leafing through this magazine, visit each artist’s website to see more about their art and inquire with us or them directly to acquire a piece, hire the artist, or collaborate with them.

Featuring Remarkable Artwork by
Max Victor Alper Celia Carl Anderson Anneli Arms Douglas Atwill Thorsten Boehm ART Patricia Borges Grit Boss Alexeir Diaz Bravo Nicolas Bruno Edelweiss Calcagno Cyndy Carstens Alice Cescatti Tracey Chaykin Yi Shin Chiang Eva Cocco Jojo Commandaros Rox Corbett Lynden Cowan CLAIRE DAVENHALL Manal Deeb Mary Di Iorio Fleurien Dingemans Annamarie Dzendrowskyj Elizagaray Baruch Elron Mikel Flamm Stacie Flint Nick Flook Gro Folkan Fuminori Ohashi Ritva Georgiades Mark Gibian Michael Ian Goulding Sigita Grabliauskaite Helga Graf Ira Hoffecker Mark Huebner Andrew Ilachinski Toshio Ishikawa Kees Juffermans KATTY Kathleen Kilchenmann Moon Hee Kim Marina Koraki Kristi Rene Yvan LaFontaine Kay Larkin Lashkov Jacek Lipowczan - 'JALI' Tobbe Malm Guy-Anne Massicotte Dan McCormack Don Mirakl Stefan Milev Mohsen Modiri Anja Morisse Daisuke Okamoto Michail Parlamas Matt Petosa Lucy Peveto picturewall Neela Elvira Rajek ERa Roland Reinert Hanna Rheinz Cheryl Richardson Ruth Richmond Kurt Ries Anna-Maija Rissanen David E Robatin Dariusz Romanowski Shala Rosa Mario Salvo Paul Scerri Christa Schmid-Ehrlinger Durand Seay Carmen Selves Aleksandr Shablyko Malcolm Smith Ilia Sokolov (Соколов Илья) Susan Spector Satomi Sugimoto Rina Suzuki Nyk Sykes Cinta Vidal Steven Volpe Anne Walbring Sally West Marti White Charles Whiting wildhaven Eric Wiles Photography Fay Wood Shu Yu Ziv

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